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The Features of Our Patio Blinds

97% Rain Resistant

The kind of blinds that we offer are not only strong but also waterproof. These outdoor blinds block 97% or of rain water, while still providing a clear view.

Blocks 94% Of The UV-R

Another advantage of investing in our out blinds is that you no longer have to worry about the hot afternoon sun. That is because the fabric blocks 94% of the UV-R.

Can Withstand Intense Heat (Fire)

Do you BBQ more often – no problem! These fire treated blinds can withstand any mishaps that might occur during BBQ.

Blocks 96% Of The Wind

Besides intense heat, our quality blinds can also withstand strong winds. Thanks to the lock-in features, which allows the user to bolt down the blind’s hatches during strong winds.

Free Of Harmful Substances

Our products are not manufactured using harmful substances and chemicals such as chromium, mercury and lead.

Made In Australia

Made in Australia by Australians. Designed to withstand Australian weather conditions.

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Different Styles of Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

Straight Drop

These particular blinds are not only popular but preferred by most people

- They rely on a crank system to open and close rather than using a rope or pulleys.

- The blinds can also be left open or closed partially. Moreover, if you own a patio awning the blind can be installed under it and save you the cost of adding another aluminum box for enclosing the blinds.

- Another benefit of straight drop blinds is that they perform very well against strong wind. That is because they can be fastened tightly while still clipped on all anchor points.

- Operate the crank system manually or remotely if it is motorized.

- Operating the crank system manually is recommended because it is very easy.

Zip Screens

These particular blinds are considered to be the premium version. They come with special features such as the metal channels which allow the blind’s to be locked into. Other features found on these blinds include:

  • Strong channels designed with a strong locking mechanism.
  • Enhanced in functionality and style.
  • All 4 sides are sealed – perfect for creating an extra outdoor room.
  • The product comes packed with a square head-box that is fully sealed.
  • Users have the privilege of adding motorized operation

Manual And Motorized Operation

Manual crank

We offer outdoor blinds that are easy to operate thanks to the manual crank operation design. You are only required to use a little effort to retract or lower the shades. This can be done by anyone since it is every easy.


You can also choose to operate the blinds using a remote, but for this to happen a motor must be installed. Moreover, you also need to understand that this extra feature comes with an extra cost.

How Outdoor Blinds Can Make Your Life Better

Protect You From Dust And Insects

Preventing dust and keeping insects away is never easy. However, by installing outdoor blinds, you can create a comfortable sitting area and reduce the amount of dust that comes into your house.

Block Wind And Rain

Are you looking for way to keep your valuables safe from rain-wind combo? Then if you are you might want to install café blinds. This unique blinds are long lasting and will provide the kind of protection you need for your valuables.

Enhanced Privacy

Installing our Brisbane outdoor blinds also enhances your privacy especially around the outdoor area. Either you want to change your clothes or enjoy some quiet time, these blinds are effective at blocking noise and distractions, while still allowing you to see through clearly into the rest of your outdoor area.

Create A Private Room Outside

Our quality products are so versatile and feature packed, that you can literally use them to create a private room outside. This is because of their superior protection and insulation.

Sun Protection

There is great weather in Brisbane, which is why many people look forward to spending time outdoors. However, it is also not safe to spend too much time outside because of the sun’s UV rays. But, by having our blinds, you do not have to worry about such issues since you can set up the blinds when it gets too hot.

Use The Shades To Control The Lighting

Either you want enhanced privacy or a bit of light coming in, you can easily achieve these two things by moving the shades. If you want more light in the room, all you have to do is move the shades upwards or downwards without using a lot of effort.