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Design Features of Our Outdoor Patio Blinds

Blocks Up to 97% of Rain

Our blinds are made of a waterproof fabric that blocks 97% of rainwater without hindering your ability to catch sight of your yard.

Made in Australia

The manufacturers of our patio blinds and folding awnings are locally based which helps in developing a product that accurately reflects the environmental conditions that are unique to the Gold Coast.

Blocks Up to 94% of UV Rays from the Sun

Our outdoor blinds will protect you, your kids, pets and the interior of the patio from that harsh Gold Coast sun, especially during the afternoon period.

Blocks Up to 96% of the Wind

Our blinds are very sturdy against strong winds. The blinds are made with a special lock-in mechanism to prepare and to stop strong winds from gaining entry into the patio.

Free of Toxic Substances

All fabric and all operating components of the blind are free of lead, mercury and chromium and other human poisons. The blind are completely friendly to human and environmental life.

Self-Extinguishing from Fire

Our patio blinds have been treated to make sure they immediately cease burning when the source of fire has been put out. In case of fire accidents, you do not have to worry about our Cafe blind catching fire. This a feature that is especially suitable for you if you love a BBQ or you want an outdoor heater.


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Available Types of Outdoor Blinds for Gold Coast Homes

The Straight Drop Blind

The Straight drop outdoor blinds is one of the most popular alternative for fitting in most households. Features of the straight drop blind include:

  • These blinds run on a crank system which gives the user full control over the blinds instead of relying on the annoying pulleys or the messy ropes.
  • The crank system can be operated manually or automated for swift convenience.
  • If you choose to use the manual crank system, well, rest assured it is extremely easy to use for anyone.
  • With the straight drop blind, one can either close the blind or leave it open. The blind comes with a partially open box that encloses the blinds. In many scenarios, one can fix the blinds beneath an existing patio sunshade which eliminates the need to buy an aluminum box to hold the blinds.
  • The straight drop blind is ideal for windy conditions. They can be tightly secured at the bottom and at the anchor points which are solid plugs to allow tight fastening of the blind.

The Zip Screens Blinds

  • Zip Screens Blinds are a premium alternative for blinds. They feature a metallic track route that locks the blinds to hold them in place. Features of the straight drop blind include:
  • The superior type of this blind is the best in visual appeal and functionality level.
  • The blinds come with a housing head-box that is sealed fully
  • The blind can be automated for quick operations or can be operated using the standard crank system.
  • It is made of strong channels with firm lock-ins that give the blinds maximum tensile power.
  • This type of blind is sealed on all of its 4 sides which is an important feature for the creation of an outdoor room.

Different Modes of Operations for Gold Coast Patio Blinds

The Manual Crank System

All our blinds are offered together with a crank system that is operated manually. It is easy for anyone to operate the crank system manually with a simple winding motion because the shades can lower and pull back very smoothly.
The crank system can be pulled by people of all heights and using very minimal strength.


All our blinds can be automated to work with a fitted motor and a remotely-controlled system. A motorized system will add on the cost of the blinds but it is the recommended plan if you happen to pull your blinds up and down on a regular basis.

How and Why Outdoor Blinds Improve the Quality of Your Life

Gives Protection against Entry of Insect and Dust

Blinds will reduce the number of times you need to clean your patio because of dust and insect inhabitation. Protecting patios from insects improves the conditions of the areas as habitable and living spaces.

Lighting Control

The shades can be moved up and down with a lot of ease and can be used to determine the amount of light you want to enter into the patio thus controlling the lighting and visual appeal inside.

More Privacy

Blinders will help you to block out unwanted view of the patio area from noisy neighbours and gives you control and the privacy you require to change your swimming costumes without hindering your ability to see outside.

Blinds Help You Make an Outdoor Room

Our blinds give the required insulation and protection against heat during the summer or cold temperatures during the winter effectively enabling you create another room for your house living needs.

Keep Rain and Wind Out

Rain and wind can destroy the furniture laid on the patio. Installation of cafe blinds will block and keep the rain from drenching and destroying your furniture giving the furniture longer useful life.

Protection from the Sun

The sun in Australia may be amazing or harmful when exposed on the skin for an extended period of time. Our blinds protects one from the harmful UV rays of the sun allowing you to put the blinders down when the sun gets too hot.