1. Reduce it

It is possible to make small spaces look bigger than they are.

A small kitchen is not possible to be everything. Unless, of course, you don’t like to cook. Meal preparation is the primary task for small kitchens. Make sure your kitchen is functional and has the space you need. Scaled-down or new appliances may help you save some space. This includes refrigerator and freezer drawers as well as pint-sized stoves, microwaves, and stoves, and single-sink. It still serves its purpose, but it does not take up too much space. If space is scarce, you might look into small-scale islands or counter-topped carts that can be stored away in a closet.

  1. Take it out

When overhead cabinets tower above you in cramped spaces, tiny kitchens can feel small and cramped. Many cooks are unable to reach what’s inside them, and there isn’t enough room for a step-stool or ladder. The overall effect is closed-in and boxy. You might be able to get organized enough to swap the top cupboards with open storage. Use a magnetic knife and spice holders, as well as pot racks and shelving. You’ll be able to make your kitchen seem larger. It also makes it easier to showcase your favorite dishes and shiny pots and can even work as a display case.

  1. Mix it up

Even though your small kitchen might not be large enough to accommodate all of your needs, it is possible to have many choices. It’s easier to hide flaws in large areas than it is to separate competing styles. In small spaces, everything must work together including the use of metals and wood. Even though your small kitchen may not have many architectural details, you can add style to it with compelling countertop surfaces and cabinetry.

Is there a place where you can add a beautiful curve? Is granite countertop more cost-effective in a smaller space? Can your granite countertop (more affordable in a small space!) coexist well with your cabinet color? A mixing board is the best way to go. It should include samples and swatches representing everything you are looking at. One tip: Mixing the same type and color of cabinets and pulls can help you unify your look.

  1. Look Into it

The simplest way to “expand” your kitchen is to use glass. Glass allows you through objects, creating a sense of space, or what designers call “negative distance”. Consider a glass countertop or tabletop or glass cabinet doors. A glass door to the kitchen or another room can visually expand the space. Even highly reflective glass tile can add sparkle to your kitchen. Mirrors can also be used as backsplashes or strategically placed in the room to lighten the look.

  1. Get it lit

A small kitchen, like all rooms, requires both task- and atmosphere lighting. The kitchen is often home to fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting creates a bluish hue that can affect the colorization of items and food. It is possible to overcome this problem by hanging pendant lamps that flood your eating area with a more attractive color. These easy ways will help you create a feeling of more space in your small kitchen.

Incandescent lighting can be used beneath the upper cabinets, shining down on the counters. Spotlighting for ceilings with incandescent bulbs directed at the cabinetry will increase shadowing. It will also create more visual movement in the space through light and darker contrast than cabinetry that is only displayed in the cold blue fluorescent lighting.

  1. Get floored

What is the first place our eyes go when we walk into a space? It’s often to the floor or the dust bunny. The flooring is crucial in a small kitchen. Linoleum is a classic choice for kitchen floors. It’s also a fairly affordable choice.

A beautiful tumbled marble can be found in smaller sizes, so you might be able to purchase one. Although marble can be quite hard underfoot and very cold, the impact could be worth it. Cork, the number one choice in American industrial kitchens, is another option. Although it will require sealing (water can expand it), it is an excellent choice. It’s also politically correct.

  1. Color it Big

The color of walls and appliances, as well as counters and stools, can affect the perception of size in the kitchen. Pastels and other light colors with a good amount of white reflect light which draws the eye upwards and makes the room appear taller. In a small space, you don’t necessarily have to be a color hen. You can make a big impact in a smaller space with bold colors. Consider Porsche red metal cabinets with concrete countertops and celery green walls. You’ll be able to get your engine started the next morning with these cabinets!

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