Australian Made Outdoor Blinds

Our Patio Blind Features

Rain Block Up to 97%

Our strong outdoor fabric is not only waterproof, it also blocks 97% of rain - while still being able to look out into your yard.

UV-R Block Up to 94%

That afternoon sun will not be an issue any more, protect you kids and pets from Australia’s harsh sun.

Self Extinguishing (Fire)

Do you like to BBQ - great! Our patio blinds are a Fire Treated just in case of any BBQ mishaps!

Wind Block Up to 96%

Our sturdy blinds can withstand strong winds and have certain lock-in features that allow you to batten down the hatches in strong winds.

NO Harmful Substances

Our fabrics and components are free of harmful chemicals and substances such as  lead, mercury and chromium.

Australian Made

Made by Australians for Australian conditions. All of our shades are made locally in Australia.

Types of Outdoor Cafe Blinds

Straight Drop

Straight drop outdoor blinds are probably the most popular option for most households.

  • They use a crank system - no more annoying/messy pulleys or ropes
  • There is an option to close the blind in a partially closed box, or leave it open. In most cases we can install the blind under your existing patio awning which means you don’t need to add an aluminum box to enclose the blind.
  • Straight drops perform extremely well in wind. Because you are able to fasten them tightly when they are at the bottom and clipped to the anchor points, which provide a solid point to fasten blind from.
  • The crank system can be manual or motorised.
  • The manual crank system is recommended and is incredibly easy to use.


Zip Screens

Zip Screens are the premium version which feature metal channels for the blinds to lock in to, some of the features of Zip blinds include:

  • The ultimate blind in both aesthetics and functionality.
  • Strong channels with locking mechanism for tensile strength.
  • Sealed on all 4 sides - the ultimate in creating an outdoor room.
  • Comes with a fully sealed square head-box.
  • Option to add motorised operation or comes with standard crank operation.


Modes of Operation

Manual Crank

All of our outdoor blinds come standard with a manual crank operation which is smooth and easy to operate with a simple winding motion. The shades lower and retract very smoothly and can be operated by people of all sizes and strength.



All blinds can also be fit with a motor for remote control operation. This does come with an additional cost - but if you plan on putting your awnings up and down on a regular basis then you may be better with with the motorised version.


Why Outdoor Blinds will Improve Your Life

Protection from Insects and Dust

Protecting your patio area from insects and dust is very useful on two fronts. It makes sitting outside so much more pleasant, and also reduces any cleaning you need to do as your outdoor furniture is exposed to a lot less dust, insects and bird-poo!

Block out Rain and Wind

Are you sick of that rain-wind combo giving your patio furniture a drenching? Installing cafe blinds will add 10 years to your patio furniture as you protect it from the elements.

Enhanced Privacy

You will now have complete control of your privacy in your outdoor area, whether you want to change out of your swimmers or you just have some nosey neighbours, you can block out your patio area from onlookers while still being able to see out completely.

Create an Outdoor Room

The insulation and protection created by our products is so amazing - it’ll be like adding another room to your home, adding in a fan for summer or gas heater for winter will truly turn your patio into a 4-season room.

Sun Protection

Although being the Aussie outdoors is amazing, it can also be harmful if you are exposed to the sun for large amounts of time. With our UV protective fabrics, you can get the best of both worlds - easily winding the blinds up when it is pleasant or putting them down when the sun gets too strong.

Control The Light

Depending on what you are doing on your patio, you will now be able to control exactly how much light you want coming through moving your shades up and down with ease.