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A Quick Guide to Hang Wall Art in the Most Beautiful Way

Earlier, you could find art only in museums, galleries, or religious places. However, these days exhibition of artwork is more liberal and you’ll find them displayed in schools, colleges, offices, homes, restaurants, hotels, commercial premises, and more. This article is about how you can choose wall art for your home and turn it into a beautiful artistic sanctuary. 

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Wall Art Hanging Guide

Step 1 – Firstly, define any personality

Everyone has a passion for some kind of art or music that defines their personality. As a musician nods off his head to rhythms, an artist expresses his art. Art helps to define your identity more expressively. By decorating your walls with the oil paintings of your choice, you are just exhibiting your lovely personality most expressively. 

Step 2 – Principle to choose and hang art for any space

Design principles will help you give a touch of professionalism to your walls. Given below is the information related to the three principles.

Principle 1: About You

You can choose any design from the medieval, romanticism, and neoclassicism periods. You can express your thoughts, soul, or even what is going on in your mind through art. It is more like bringing life to the art. It gives you an opportunity to show off your personality and your creative ideas.

Principle 2: Storyteller

If you want to narrate a story, then the walls are the best option to do so. It can be a thriller story or a motivating one, or your life story.

Principle 3: Overcome Fear

It is an important principle, and as the curator, you need to be confident about your artistic abilities. You shouldn’t hide behind your fears. Believe in yourself and stop seeing life with other people’s eyes. 

Step 3 – Tips to hang wall art as part of interior design

  • Decide what is the purpose of your wall art
  • Focus on visual balance, placing a heavy piece on the left to make your art and the wall look beautiful.
  • Follow an ideal line of sight about 55-65 inches from the ground.
  • Embrace chaos

Step 4 – Arranging wall art guidelines

a. Traditional and linear

b. Match, mix and marry

c. Double layered

d. Powerful trio

e. Linear Desk Spread

f. Ground is a new green

g. Power pairs all the way

Your wall space is the most important part of the home or office decor, it should not be left lifeless or blank. Live it up and your eyes will appreciate the beauty at all times. You’ll be grateful to yourself for bringing life to your naked walls. So, let your walls live your passion and exhibit your identity freely. 


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