Furniture pieces in our homes have been around for many years. They also have sentimental value because they are something we grew up using and seeing. Furniture is timeless and very practical. Let’s face the truth, furniture isn’t something you’ll use every day. You don’t have to throw them away! They are best stored. You should keep in mind that each piece of furniture you put up for storage requires extra care. It will take some effort to make sure they are properly stored. At storage units Houston, you can store you furniture safely.

Here are 7 ways furniture can be stored in your storage box.

1. Properly Clean Your Furniture

Make sure everything is clean before you put it up for storage. This includes more than just wiping dirt off furniture’s surfaces. It will also include cleaning to prevent dust, mold, and foul odors from building up in storage units.

These are some cleaning tips that you can use to clean your furniture.

To avoid any damage to furniture such as leather sofas and dining chairs, you can use specific cleaning tools for these types of items. Before you store anything, make sure they are dry.

Use a metal polisher to clean furniture’s metal parts. This will prevent rust or tarnish from occurring.

Wooden furniture with woodworms or other infestations should always be treated before being stored. This can lead to pests hovering over the furniture and possibly other items in the unit.

To avoid food crumbs and pests from getting on your furniture, vacuum every side.

To thoroughly clean wooden furniture, use warm water and soap. To maintain their shine and moisture, wipe them dry.

2. Take apart the furniture parts

For furniture pieces that can be disassembled, this applies to chairs, study tables, tables, bookshelves, and other types of furniture. It will save you space and make it easier to transport them. You will avoid scratches and other damage to your furniture when they are stored.

Tip: Despite the extra space, don’t store too many items inside. You should ensure that your furniture pieces are separated from each other.

3. Take Extra Care with Glass Furniture

Extra care is required for furniture items with glass tops or mirrors. Bubble wrap is a good choice to protect fragile furniture or glass. You can put the whole furniture in a box for extra protection. However, make sure it is large enough to hold it. To remind you of the need to be careful, mark it with “Fragile” or “Breakable”.

4. Cover Each piece of Furniture

Cover every piece of furniture you put up for storage, particularly if it is in a storage container. Drop cloths, plastic wraps, or old blankets can be used to cover furniture. You should not wrap your furniture too tightly or thickly. This can cause moisture to build up and can lead to damage to the furniture’s quality. Cover them lightly so that air can still flow through them.

5. Do not place them directly on the floor

Don’t place your furniture directly on the ground when you store it. You should make sure there is a layer of protection underneath each piece to keep them from touching the ground. To elevate them, you can use wooden pallets or cinder blocks. You can also use cardboard or tarps as a protective layer. This protects corners and prevents chipping. This allows for air circulation and improves the quality of furniture.

6. Do not leave food behind

You must clean up food crumbs from your furniture. However, it is important to not store perishable items in your storage area. This will attract pests and you don’t want them. Avoid storing cardboard boxes that have been used to store food in your storage unit. While storage units provide pest control to protect your belongings, it is still best to be extra cautious.

7. Take into account your storage unit options

There are many storage unit sizes that can be purchased depending on what you need. You need to think about how much furniture and other belongings you are going to store. A climate-controlled unit is recommended if you plan to store furniture for a long time. This unit will protect your furniture from temperature fluctuations and moisture.

It may seem complicated to store your furniture pieces due to all of the requirements, but it’s not. It all depends on how well you plan to store and maintain your furniture.

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