Wooden Windows vs PVC windows

Many homeowners choose to install windows made of environmentally-friendly materials, which offer sound and heat insulation. There are many options for choosing from different design options and types of glazing, including the frame or non-frame products made of metal, plastic, or natural solid.

Heavy Metal Structures

PVC shutters windows can be characterized as being tough, with more sound insulation, and easier to clean. PVC windows can be very affordable, and they will hold heat for as long as 3-5 years. They are available in many colors and configurations. It is possible to distinguish between single-chamber as well as seven-chamber models.

All Aluminum Installations

There are many benefits to plastic construction. Plastic constructions are susceptible to deformation due to temperature variations.

Toxins are released when windows are heated. Products contribute to complex and large-scale devices by having a small amount of them. They are often found in non-residential properties (balconies/annexes/verandas).

Design features

Externally, it’s presented in the shape of a frame that has one glass. It can be operated in places that do not require high sound insulation, such as in the summer kitchen, on the terrace, and in other unheated structures.

There are connections for internal and exterior flaps. The internal structure is attached to hinges in the window box. The price is affected if there are no expensive accessories.

Window Shape

Rectangular. Models on the current market can be deafened, swiveled, and folded. A panorama type is available. For building constructions, the assembly is for latches (ventilation openings on the top).

Experts believe that only wooden windows can be used in a wooden house. Others recommend using metal-plastic Windows. Because wood expands or contracts, there is no need to use rigid fixings for a structure like a wooden house. You must also consider the “wobblings” of the house. A log house can have frame screens or wood sediments that reach twenty centimeters after the first year.

Swelling and drying can happen both vertically and horizontally. Up and down

A gradual shrinkage of a house causes a softening or reversal of the lateral distortion. To prevent window frames from twisting it is necessary to devise a mechanism to counter the loads generated by moving the wooden walls.

Place the box on the runners that are located at the window opening. This will allow you to maintain a stable position, regardless of how the wall moves. The gaps between the wall and content are carefully insulated.

What Should You Prefer?

These windows were undoubtedly pioneers in plastic and metal/plastic. They are often used for the construction of new skyscrapers or the replacement of old wood windows. It is worth noting that wooden windows are used far more frequently than the plastic windows found in wooden houses.

Advantages of plastic or metal-plastic windows are that they are strong and reliable, offer sound insulation, are attractive, don’t require periodic processing, and can be painted easily.

Advantages of metal-plastic and plastic windows include the inability to let air through the window and the possibility that the room will become dry and dry if the window is closed too long.

Heat causes some chemical compounds to evaporate. This has not been proven to have any health effects. Another drawback of plastic is the difficulty of repair: chips, scratches, and other minor damage to the surface must remain until the frame has been completely replaced.

Wooden windows are open and allow the air to circulate through them, even when they’re closed.

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